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What's inside the membership

You're in a unique place

Wild Beautiful Love members are finding themselves improving their communication so they argue less.

They are increasing intimacy so they feel closer.

They are working with their partner on big goals so they feel like their relationship is a source of support and inspiration rather than an energy drain.

They are breaking out of old ruts that lead to stagnation at home and in their lives.

This community is a place for people who believe that Wild, Beautiful Love is possible. If you are committed to improving your relationship, you will find kindred souls inside.

Do you believe more love is possible in your life?

It is. Erin and Steve will show you how.

Dear friend,

Think about the biggest thing you argue about at home. What if I told you that you didn't have to argue about it anymore; that you could put it to rest for good? How much would that be worth? 


If you have big dreams and want to create amazing things in the world—it's truly priceless. After all, how can you put a price tag on the value of being the person you want to be? Modeling the kind of behavior you want your children to adopt? Truly priceless. 


But we fall short, don't we? It's because we're human, and because we haven't been trained on the ways to do better.  


There's training on everything else you could want: business, music, art, gardening, you name it. But is there really relationship training???  


It's different than therapy, where you talk about your problems and maybe things improve and maybe they don’t. Training implies results. It means you can look back at the time past and see changes in your life. 


If you worked with a personal trainer in the gym and didn't get stronger, you'd stop working with that trainer. The reason Erin and Steve have a thriving coaching business and are opening up their practice to the world through the Wild, Beautiful Love membership site is because their clients get results. 


  • Clients learn how to take hot-button situations and defuse them like a bomb squad pro. 
  • They take control of their own self-esteem and stop looking to their partner for their sense of self-worth. 
  • They count more and better experiences of intimacy and connection with their partner. 


If you want those same results, click here to become a founding member of the Wild, Beautiful Love community. 

Your membership benefits

Get monthly lessons and support for all the important areas of your relationship.

  • Live masterclasses and weekly office hours with Erin or Steve to support your relationship goals.

  • Step-by-step guidance and implementation of the Revitalize Your Relationship method from author and Master Coach, Erin Aquin.

  • Exclusive invitations to members-only events and retreats not open to the public. Being a member is a prerequisite to working privately with Master Coach Erin Aquin.

  • Beyond just relationships — once you master our exclusive relationship tools, we invite our VIP members to take what they have learned and apply it to other important life areas (money, career, big dreams, etc.).

Who is in charge of your relationship?

Most people delegate their happiness and wonder why they suffer. This is about to change.

What you'll find inside the Wild, Beautiful Love membership is unlike anything else available.  


You won't just be learning tools and be left on your own. You'll receive weekly live support in a group setting from Steve or Erin. You'll be able to work on the things in your relationship that will make all the difference; the things people pay thousands of dollars for help with right now.  


And the reason they do that is because they get help with their biggest relationship challenges and goals. And when they've moved past their current challenge, they move on to their next one. And on and on. As long as you want help improving your relationship and life, Erin and Steve will be here for you. 


These weekly group sessions are where you join other relationship CEOs (people using the Curious, Empowered, and Open method to make meaningful changes in their relationships) to master the tools inside. You can get all the results and become a true relationship CEO without needing to share any secrets or details beyond what you're comfortable with. That's what makes the group sessions so powerful: you can develop in specific areas of your relationship and also be inspired by others who are doing the same thing. 


What this means is that you'll be part of a shift in culture. It sounds grandiose, but it's actually true. Not only will you be improving your life day to day, but you'll be part of an elite community of people who truly believe that Wild, Beautiful Love is possible. These are people who are redefining what relationships mean and are for. These are people with a big vision for themselves, for their life, and for the world. 


And they want their relationship to be a reflection of that big vision. 


In the Wild, Beautiful Love community we're not just here to create a partnership that will last. Surviving until one of us dies is far from the goal and purpose of a relationship.  


We're here to show what's possible between two people who have made a commitment to each other. And that's what you're joining when you sign up for the Wild, Beautiful Love membership program. 


What you'll also receive is exclusive access to Master Coach Erin Aquin's book club. Her new book, Wild, Beautiful Love is the inspiration and foundation for this community. She will be walking members through her book, chapter by chapter, during live interactive video broadcasts.  


Remember talking about becoming a relationship CEO? This is how you develop the foundational skills for doing that. Erin has never offered this before, and may never offer it again.  


You'll also get access to an anonymous members-only forum where you can work through issues between the live calls with Erin and Steve. This is where you can share whatever is on your mind and get support with it.  


If you don't currently have an ear to listen to your relationship challenges, how do you expect them to change? If you're pinning your hopes on things improving in your relationship on your partner changing, or some external situation in your life to improve (making more money, having a different home) you're fooling yourself.  


That's not how change happens. 


You need someone who believes in you. Who will listen to you. Who will call you to a vision of your highest self. 


That's what happens in the Wild, Beautiful Love forum.  


When you have that kind of support in your corner, then real progress becomes possible. 


You don't have to wait for a new job, for your partner to change, or anything else. That's what makes you a relationship CEO. And that's what members of the Wild, Beautiful Love community are doing for themselves. 


Here's a story: when Steve was serious about meditating he went and lived with 100 other people who were meditating for hours a day. You know what became very easy to do? Meditating. 


If you want to become a boss in your relationship and live into the vision of who you know you can be, join others who are doing the same. Without support you're up against enormous odds. Culture doesn't talk about relationships this way. We're taught that the path to love lies with finding the perfect partner. And yet we all know that's not true. 


So why keep fighting those headwinds of false beliefs without support? 


The reason this site is only $47 is so that as many people as possible can be part of this movement to create Wild, Beautiful Love. These tools that are usually reserved for people ready to invest tens of thousands of dollars need to be available to the whole world.  


But the $47 is only for founding members and will be going up soon. So don't wait. Join right now. 


And if you don't join, just be clear on the cost of saying no. If you don't say yes today, how is your life going to be different in 3 months? 12 months? 2 years?  


Are you okay with the chances that the big issues in your relationship won't change? What will that cost you in time wasted with negative feelings about yourself and your partner? What will it cost you in potentially lost joy, connection, even inspiration from your relationship? And not to mention what is the cost if things don't work out in the end? 


If you want the best deal sign up for a full year. You get what equals to 1 ½ months free, plus a copy of Erin's new book. And the magic of committing to a full year is that you're telling yourself that you really mean it. You're not just going to dabble and "see if this works out". You're saying that you are all in on your relationship, your life, and your self. It's a beautiful thing, and the yearly membership is only $497. 


So what are you waiting for? Click the button below and get started creating Wild, Beautiful Love today.

As a Wild, Beautiful Love member, you will discover:

  • How to navigate difficult conversations, so you can bring up "hot button" topics in a supportive, authentic way and not always end up in an argument

  • How to make requests so that you feel heard, rather than building up silent resentment

  • How to create relationship habits that help you feel love and passion again

  • How to start acting like a team, so you can realize the true potential of your relationship

  • How to let go of resentment

  • New approaches to enhancing your daily life, including sex, chores and money

What's the Cost of Not Taking Action?

Still thinking about it? Consider this...

3 months from now, you could either...

  • Be happier in your relationship than you ever have been
  • Experience more connection to yourself, your partner, and your dreams together
  • Enjoy more peace at home and in your heart


  • Find your home life still stuck in a rut
  • Build more resentment and distance between you and your partner
  • Leave your dreams on the shelf for a yet "later" time

Don't let another day pass without taking action to improve the most important things in life: your relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the price per person or per couple?
A: The $47 / month is per person. We've designed this membership to be for you. Your partner is welcome to join on their own so they have their own login and can get coached as well. For information on couples coaching book a consultation with Erin and Steve here. 

Q: Can't my partner just get coached using my membership?
A: Only the registered member can get coached during the live calls and inside the community. If your partner wants to take part they simply sign up for their own membership. We completely encourage both partners to join autonomously

Q: How does billing work?
A: Whether you choose a yearly or monthly membership, you will be charged at the beginning of your membership and at each consecutive billing period. If you wish to cancel your membership, we don't offer retroactive refunds for unused time. To cancel you simply email hello [at] and you will no longer be billed. 

Q: How do I get coached?
A: Your membership includes several live calls per month where you can get coached on areas of your relationship or life you want help with. Just show up and raise your hand on the Zoom webinar. Make sure you are in a quiet place with working video. Chat will be available for coaching during the calls as well. Between calls you can get coached anonymously via the QA forum in the membership site. We respond to QA posts within 48 hours Monday Friday. 

Q: Can I listen to call replays?
A: Yes. Calls are recorded and posted in the membership site within 24 hours, so you never miss a session. We remove the live coaching call replays at the end of each calendar month, so plan time to listen