Relationship Alchemy For Entrepreneurs is an exclusive program in a group virtual setting for transforming your relationships, your spirit, and your business.

Discover how to:

  • Get an extra 5-10 hours per week for whatever you want

  • Talk about any topic with your partner to create more intimacy and connection 

  • Prioritize investing in your most important business asset: yourself—so that you actually do the self-care you've been putting off

  • Have more energy at the end of the day for your family so you can enjoy the life you've worked so hard to build

  • Build a business that reflects your heart's true calling, and makes a big impact in the world

What exactly IS Relationship Alchemy?

And why is it just for entrepreneurs?

The first ingredient in Relationship Alchemy is to break up with the cruelest mistress there is: your business.

Wait. What?!

It’s true. You often hear the metaphor of a baby to describe a startup or scale-up business. It needs constant care, nurturing, and patience.

But have you ever stopped to think about how well the metaphor of a cruel mistress also fits your business?

It asks for so much from you, not really caring what those things may cost you behind the scenes.

And the more you give, the more it seems to ask.

Unlike a baby, who eventually grows up to become self-sufficient, this mistress only draws you in further away from the things you thought were important when you started the affair. And the promised benefits provide you only fleeting satisfaction.

What went wrong? And how can you fix it?

The problems began the moment you realized that you can get a powerful hit of self-worth from your business.

Chances are, you’re using your business for more than it was intended for. That’s why the other areas of your life lack harmony.

Consider this:

Do you ever get more excited for Instagram comments or Slack replies than for conversation at the dinner table?

Do you get more worked up about drama with your clients than you do about your partner’s day?

There’s no bigger sense of validation than hearing “Yes” on a sales call or seeing the orders flowing in.

But too many entrepreneurs use that rush to escape the sometimes less exciting but no less fulfilling moments in the relationships all around them.

So they let their work expand to take up every minute of every day. And they feel justified in doing so, because they’re so passionate about their business and feel so needed in the world.

But it’s a trap. 

Your relationships and well-being slowly wither as your attention narrows down to your business. And eventually something gives.

You didn’t go into business in order to have it consume your life.

The way out is to stop looking for personal validation in your business. 

Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs will give you the mindset and supporting systems to be able to turn away from your business without feeling guilty for doing it.

With your approach to business in more harmony, the focus turns to your relationship with your partner. 

The big question here is how to improve this core relationship in your life without adding more to your to-do list. We can hear you now, “You’re telling me I have to add ‘Netflix and chill’ to my already exploding calendar?”

No. Although you can if you want to. ;)

The skills you will gain by becoming a Relationship Alchemist will actually help you become a better entrepreneur and leader.

Here’s the secret:

Most people think the reason their relationship drags them down is because of things their partner is doing or failing to do. 


That’s not how you see it as a Relationship Alchemist. If you want real magic in your life, you take a different approach.

You start by applying your curious mind to how you're interpreting your partner’s words and actions. 

Equipped with curiosity, you expand into asking for what you want from your partner. And not just ask for it, but do so with no strings attached. 

It’s called making a clean request, and it’s a core skill you will gain in the Relationship Alchemy program. It gives you the power to live life on your own terms while also being more vulnerable and more connected with your partner.

That’s radical.

The final relationship skill is taking your partner out of two dimensions and seeing them again as the beautiful, worthy, complex human being they are. Yes, it is as magical as it sounds.

Take back your time:

During the final stage of the program we will teach you how to get back energy and time to breathe again.

Imagine finally stepping away from your “obligations” to really enjoy your life—what we like to call self-investment. 

Self-investment is more than just taking a bubble bath or squeezing in a quick workout. It’s finding the practices that support your life and making them non-negotiable.

Because if you’re not self-investing, you’re borrowing energy against your future. And that has painful consequences.

We know first-hand how hard burnout is not only on a business but on a relationship. Several years ago Erin had to close down her business and was told she would be in a wheelchair in a matter of months if she didn’t take drastic action.

Her commitment to her business had used up all her future energy.

Now self-investment is a cornerstone of all we do. 

After all, if you’re always at the bottom of the list, how are you going to enjoy the journey and the milestones you achieve?

And when you really get it, your self-investment practice will give you—that’s right—more creativity, love, and energy for the other two parts of the equation.

That’s why it all works together, and why it’s so exciting. And you will learn how to make self-investment a sustainable, nourishing practice in your life in the Relationship Alchemy program.

Hi there.

We're Erin and Steve.

We’re building a business, raising two young children, and creating a thriving marriage, all during pandemic lockdown.

No, it's not always easy, but we still find time to laugh, go on dates, talk about our dreams, and take great care of ourselves individually. 

And we’re not special. What we've done is crack the code for leveraging our time and energy to create more love and success in our lives. We call it Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs and now we're making it available to you in an online program.

Where it all started:

As relationship coaches, we help our clients deal with the major sources of pain in their partnerships.

But a funny thing would happen: as people learned how to have difficult conversations with their partner they started making more money in their business because they weren't afraid of talking about hard things.

Or when they became bold enough to ask for what they wanted from their partner, they would experience more energy and well-being in their personal lives

And it hit us like a Captain Obvious lightning bolt: none of these things are separate.

Every issue in your life is about relationships.

And yet… you never learn about home life in business school. Or about marketing from a marriage counselor.

So we got to work.

Using our own marriage as the laboratory, we created tools to make our relationship easy and fun no matter what was happening around us. 

We tested out how to make sure our partnership supported the things we wanted most in life, rather than distracting us from our passions.

We dug into the roots of what would make a relationship as entrepreneurs strong, even as we added more energy and complexity to our lives. 

This daily pursuit of awesome as a couple is what led us to create Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs.

When you learn the Relationship Alchemy process, you will finally be in a position to create that next milestone—whether it’s your first million, ten million, or beyond—without sacrificing your partner or your soul to the business gods to get there.

A 3-Month Program Designed for Results

With just one module per week, you receive a video lesson, workbook, and a live office hours call with Erin and Steve to help you apply the material to your life.

The 12 weekly modules of Relationship Alchemy start with 4 that will take your business to the next level.

  • Module 1: Consulting the Oracle. Clarify your purpose and gain guidance from your future self. When you get in touch with your larger purpose, only then can you discover how to create it in the world in a sustainable way.

  • Module 2: Flow Productivity. Discover how to use intuition to create more time and energy for your business. You will learn systems and practices to create in alignment with your vision.

  • Module 3: Heart-centered creation. If the Oracle operates at 30,000 feet and Flow Productivity happens at 10,000 feet, Heart-centered creation teaches the treetop view of how to have more impact in less time.

  • Module 4: How to Never Fail Again Turn your business into a perpetual learning machine that turns every setback into a cash register cha-ching. You will discover simple systems for making more money with less drama and fear.

Revitalize your relationship with next four modules:

  • Module 5: See with fresh eyes. You will take a journey to becoming a C(urious) E(mpowered) O(pen) partner—that's right, you'll be a CEO in your relationship too! Start by discovering beliefs about yourself and your partner that hold you back.

  • Module 6: Stand in your power. Learn how to make clean requests and have difficult conversations. You will discover how showing up as yourself—rather than creating distance—increases vulnerability and connection.

  • Module 7: Make room for love. By opening to the magic of who your partner truly is, you will be able to see them in all their dimensions. This practice alone can add new layers of richness, novelty, and depth to your relationship.

  • Module 8: Make your relationship the place to be. Discover how to have fun again and live your everyday life aligned with your deeper purpose for your relationship.

Invest in your most important business asset—yourself—with the final modules:

  • Module 9: Stop spreading yourself too thin. It's time to get real about your life outside of work and relationship obligations. The best self-investment comes from improving the things you're already doing: sleep, nutrition, movement.

  • Module 10: Intuitive self-investment. Discover how to sense what your body/mind/spirit needs rather than following a rigid program that may not be what you need at the moment.

  • Module 11: Big dreams. Are you thinking big enough, not just about your business but your life as a whole? As the alchemy starts to work in your life, you may find more room for possibilities you had long ago written off.

  • Module 12: Becoming the Oracle. Stop mixing your self-worth up with your business or your relationship. You will discover your inherent worth regardless of sales, customer churn, or any other challenges at work or home.

How does it work?

  • Each week you receive a video lesson to dive deep into the module's content

  • The module includes a workbook for applying the material to your specific situation

  • Erin and Steve hold a live office hours call during the week to answer any questions that come up from the

Get these bonuses while they last ($1600 value):

  • Three 30-minute personalized coaching sessions with Erin or Steve (a $900 value)

  • Access to the Revitalize Your Relationship virtual course (a $700 value)

What are you missing out on?

Still thinking about it? Consider this...

3 months from now, you could either...

  • Be happier in your relationship than you ever have been

  • Create more value in the world with greater ease

  • Enjoy more peace at home and in your heart


  • Find your home life still stuck in a rut

  • Leave your dreams on the shelf yet again

  • Keep plugging away hoping your business will someday set you free

Don't let another day pass without taking action. See if the Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs program is a perfect fit for you today.